Amy Schumer Says She Fell in Love With Her Husband Because of His Autistic Traits

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In Amy Schumer's most recent Netflix uncommon "Developing," she discusses pregnancy, her encounters as a lady and marriage. In the exceptional, which was discharged on Monday, Schumer says it was her better half's medically introverted characteristics that made her "fall frantically enamored with him."

Schumer met her significant other Chris Fisher when she procured him to cook for her family amid an excursion to Martha's Vineyard. Fischer is an eminent culinary specialist. His cookbook, "The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook," won the 2016 James Beard Award.

Schumer and Fischer got hitched on Feb. 13, 2018, and are as of now anticipating their first tyke.

Amid her demonstration, she says she knew from the earliest starting point her significant other's mind was unique in relation to hers. "My better half was determined to have what used to be called Asperger's. He has chemical imbalance range issue. He's on the range, and there were a few signs at an early stage."

She proceeded to depict a period where she went on a stroll with him and fell. His reaction was not what she accepted a great many people would do, which is inquire as to whether she was OK. Rather, she says, "He solidified and turned into a beacon, opening and shutting his mouth." She gazed toward him and thought, "Huh." She had many "huh" minutes all through their relationship, including:

Also, when he was analyzed, it occurred to me how entertaining it was on the grounds that the majority of the qualities that clarify that he is on the range are the majority of the reasons why I fell frantically enamored with him. That is reality.

Schumer says her significant other says whatever is at the forefront of his thoughts, "He keeps it so genuine." She proceeds to joke about how she gets only genuineness from him in the event that she asks what she looks like in a specific outfit, "He couldn't care less about social standards or what you anticipate that him should state or do."

However she keeps on saying he makes her vibe more wonderful than any other individual has throughout her life including sweetly, "Indeed, it's valid."

Another characteristic of her significant other she acknowledges is his powerlessness to lie. She says that is the fantasy, to have a man who won't mislead you. The main issue with that? He can't lie for her either.

Schumer relates a gathering where she was conversing with a companion and imagined she didn't have any acquaintance with her companion's ex was dating another person. As per Schumer, Fischer brought up that she did know and had even made a remark about it to him.
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